Nathaniel Horwitz


Nathaniel is a company-builder and investor. He joined Hunterbrook from the biotech and healthcare fund RA Capital, where he was the youngest Venture Partner by over a decade. At that firm, Nathaniel co-founded four companies—ranging from AI-designed medicines for cancer to cell therapies for autoimmune diseases—and the firm grew from under $1B to over $10B. Nathaniel has served on the board of directors at several companies. He continues to volunteer as Executive Chair at Mayday, which he co-founded with Sam and Hunterbrook advisor Olivia Raisner. He has a B.A. in Molecular Biology from Harvard, where he published biomedical research and had a (marginally) better social life than Sam because he didnʼt write op-eds like “Shut Down Harvard Football.” He has contributed to The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, and The Australian Financial Review. His first job out of high school was reporting for his local paper. Nathaniel is based in Brooklyn.