Namibians Demand Accountability From Dundee Precious Metals

Locals say the miner’s copper smelter — set to be sold to the Chinese Sinomine Resource Group later this year — has brought significant environmental and health damage to the surrounding community. Their claims are bolstered by satellite imagery and company documents revealing arsenic and sulfur dioxide exposure. 

Sable Offshore’s Oil Restart May Be Pipe Dream


Sable Offshore (NYSE: $SOC) is racing against the clock to relaunch an idle fossil fuel complex it bought from Exxon (NYSE: $XOM) in February. Three oil and natural gas platforms, called the Santa Ynez Unit, have not produced fossil fuels since one of the pipelines carrying its oil ruptured in 2015. It was the biggest spill in California since 1990. After seven years, Exxon gave up trying to overcome the legal hurdles required to get Santa Ynez and the pipeline back online. Now, despite facing similar obstacles, Sable is telling shareholders it can restart production before October. Since Hunterbrook Media began reporting, Sable withdrew and refiled a key plan, likely increasing the risk of delays.

Posco International: Operating a gas project with Myanmar’s sanctioned, murderous regime 


While other OECD energy companies left Myanmar after the 2021 coup, Posco — one of the 250 largest companies in the world by revenue — not only stayed but invested hundreds of millions of dollars to expand the Shwe gas project, despite claiming to follow OECD and other standards on human rights. Posco says its gas serves the people of Myanmar by fueling power plants to provide electricity. But a growing amount of gas appears set to imminently flow to junta steel mills linked to arms manufacturing — while electricity shortages have worsened since the coup amid widespread shutdown of gas-fired power plants once supplied by Shwe gas. The pipeline that transports Shwe gas to its primary customer in China faces risk of damage from intensifying fighting between the junta and resistance forces in northern Myanmar. Posco also runs a luxury hotel on land leased from the regime, and the company is currently awaiting a trial in South Korea on claims it illegally sold a warship to the military.

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